Permanent Residence in Canada is possible in several ways. The two most popular ways to immigrate to Canada are as a family member of a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident or as an economic immigrant through one of the federal or provincial economic immigration programs.

Family Immigration

Canadian immigration law allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their beloved ones to obtain the status of permanent residents in Canada based on family ties. There several different programs of family sponsorship.

Spousal sponsorship

In many cases, people all over the world meet and fall in love. The Spousal Sponsorship program allows Canadians to bring their foreign spouses or common-law partners to Canada. Our company will help you to prepare all application forms, to prove the genuine character of your relationship, and to reunite in Canada. Canada equally treats conventional marriages and civic marriages, and same-sex marriages. Additionally, you can also sponsor your dependent children or dependent children of your spouse!

Parents and Grandparents sponsorship

The Canadian government is grateful to immigrants for their contribution to society. That is why Immigration Canada runs the Parents and Grandparents Program which allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their elderly parents or grandparents to Canada. We will help you to determine your eligibility to sponsor and advice if you meet the financial requirements to become a sponsor.

Lonely Relative sponsorship

In some rare cases and circumstances, Canada also allows sponsoring other relatives – orphan nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts. However, there are special requirements for each case and we will have to determine the eligibility to sponsor in each individual situation.

Economic Immigration – Express Entry & PNP

Express Entry is not an immigration program as many think. It is an electronic system, the government of Canada designed to process the immigration application via one of the three federal immigration programs or provincial programs that are linked to the Express Entry. The system ranks each candidate in the pool and invites the candidates with the highest score to apply for permanent residence. There are three federal programs in the Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class Program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This is the main Canadian immigration program aimed at foreigners who possess relevant skilled work experience, speak English and/or French and have a higher education. Most economic immigrants come to Canada via this program.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

This program was designed to help Canadian employers to fill the gaps in several trades. We will help you to determine if your occupations fit the program requirement. In addition, you may need to have a job offer or Canadian license to practice your trade in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class Program

Canadian Experience Class Program was established to help temporary foreign workers and international students who graduated from Canadian colleges and universities to make a transition from temporary residents to permanent residents of Canada.

Provincial Nominations

The government granted Canadian provinces and territories the right to select immigrants who may contribute to the local labour markets. All those provincial programs are united under the Provincial Nominee Program. One of the programs we work on the most is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). We help customers to obtain the nomination of the province which helps to apply for permanent residence to the Federal Government.  

Citizenship and PR

We offer citizenship services as well as renewals of Permanent Resident Cards for our customers.

Permanent Resident Cards

Permanent Resident Cards are usually granted for five years. They serve as your travel document along with your national passport and help you to travel to Canada. In this case, your PR card is going to expire and you have not applied and received Canadian citizenship yet, you need to apply for PR card renewal.

Canadian Citizenship

Once a permanent resident lives in Canada for long enough and meets several citizenship requirements, it is possible to apply for Canadian citizenship. We will guide you with all steps of the process and help you to obtain it. Canadian citizenship will allow you to get a Canadian passport and to travel around the world as a Canadian national.